Kick Start Coaching Program

The Juice Kick Start Coaching Program is a Simple, Easy and Effective way to Reset and/or Kick Start your daily Health and Wellbeing habits, whilst Boosting your Energy, Vitality, Immunity and Weight Loss Goals, with Optimal Nutrition and the support of your Health and Wellbeing Kick Start Coach.

The Juice Kick Start Coaching Program aims to put the YOU back into your health and wellbeing and your life.

For many years as sport scientists, athletes, personal trainers, performance coaches& healers, we’ve been working with clients wanting to improve the performance & quality of their bodies, lives & businesses.

  • Some want help to lose weight & tone up
  • Some want to alleviate unexplained pains, injuries & illness
  • Others want to reduce their blood pressure & the effects of stress
  • Some are just “STUCK” in some area of their life & want to get clarity on the best way to achieve their ideal financial, relationship, career or business goals
  • And everyone wants to look & feel better.

But, after working with thousands of clients we’ve found that it’s never the client’s physical bodies or lives that require improving in the first instance.

​In every client we’ve ever worked with we’ve found that there’s always been some underlying issue (that they were not consciously aware of) that was being reflected in the current state of their body & health.​

Effectively, the body is a barometer for life; if something isn’t going well in a certain area of life, it manifests through the body & therefore, the reason that most traditional health, well-being & healing programs fail is because they only address the physical aspect of the human being.

We Reminded Ourselves How Good We Feel When We Commit To Healthy Food & The 2kg Weight Loss For Me (& 4kg For My Husband) Was An Added Bonus!

My husband and I have just completed the Juice Kick Start Program to “reset” our healthy eating after falling into the trap of unnecessary snacking throughout the day during COVID lockdown.

Before I started the Program I was nervous about whether I could complete the Program because I would be hungry and may not like the juice flavours.

We were given 3 different juices for the Program, all loaded with a mix of fruit and vegetables, and it was hard to pick a favourite!

We completed the Program in high spirits as we reminded ourselves how good we feel when we commit to healthy food and the 2kg weight loss for me (and 4kg for my husband) was an added bonus.

Thank you for creating such a delicious Program.

Tania M

The Juice Kick Start Program Was Just What I Needed To Break Some Bad Eating Habits & Start A Cleaner & Leaner Eating Plan!

After several months of working from home during COVID, I became aware that I was snacking and drinking much more than normal.

When I heard about the Juice Kick Start Program, it was just what I needed. It was the perfect time to reset my eating habits and the 3 day duration felt like an achievable time frame.

The juices tasted great and were very satisfying.

With each day of the Kick Start Program, physically my body felt so different, no longer sluggish and lighter/full of energy.

Mentally I felt more focused and clear.

I had great energy levels and was easily able to maintain my exercise program.

The Juice Kick Start Program was just what I needed to break some bad eating habits and start a cleaner and leaner eating plan!

Tanya W

The Juice Kick Start Program Was A Great Way For Me To Start My Health Kick!

The Juice Kick Start Program was a great way for me to start my health kick!

Surprisingly I wasn’t that hungry and the juices were absolutely delicious.

For someone who eats zero fruit, the Juice Kick Start Program was a great way for me to consume some healthy fruit.

Nina D

The Juice Kick Start Program Is So Easy & Delicious!

There are no shopping lists, no recipes, and no horrible tasting powders.

Just gorgeous fresh fruit juices that taste amazing and best of all, they’re all made for you.

Kick start your body in only 3 days it’s too easy!

Carolyn H

The Juice Kick Start Program Has Been a Success for Me. I’m Not Bloated, My Tummy Feels tighter, I’ve Got Way More Energy & I Generally Feel a Lot Better About Myself!

I’d got into some bad eating habits. I felt like I was always looking for a snack, soon after eating my main meal. My dinner portion sizes were too big.

I thought I’d struggle with the program, I didn’t think I’d cope on just juice alone, I also love a few coffees in the morning to wake me up!

Now I’ve completed the challenge I think before eating and I feel like I don’t want to eat rubbish anymore. Instead of chips or a biscuits I’ll grab some fruit or nuts.

The Juice Kick Start Program has been a success for me. I’m not bloated, my tummy feels tighter, I’ve got way more energy and I generally feel a lot better about myself!

Julie E

The Biggest Improvement For Me Was the New Found Respect For My Health, Eating Well & Getting My Weight Back Under Control Again. I Even Lost 4kgs!

My health and well being I would class as above average but know I could do better. I stopped regular exercise 10 months ago due to work pressures. Due to the 5 years of regular exercise prior to this I am still able to resume activities with a short ramp up time, however this is not ideal.

For the last 2 months I’ve been suffering from extreme discomfort and headaches caused by TMJ (TemperoMandibular Joint Disfunction) and I have been working through was to minimise the stress caused by running my own business. Despite the fact that I believe I eat and sleep well, the extra snacking and volume of food is greater than the activities I am completing.

After completing the 3-day Juice Kick Start Program I have a better mindset to resume regular exercise and avoid snacking on those foods which I know are not good for me. My TMJ has dramatically improved where my headaches are very light and it now only hurts to sneeze.

I now believe that I need to eat more plant based material in my diet as it simply makes me feel better internally and emotionally.

The biggest improvement for me was the new found respect for my health, eating well and getting my weight back under control again. I even lost 4kgs!

What a great way to simply consume produce that requires no change to your lifestyle and no time consuming food preparation.

Thank you Juice!

Anthony M

The Best Part Was No Shopping For Loads Of Ingredients & No Meal Preparation!

Before the starting the Juice Kick Start Program I was eating a lot of sugar and generally the wrong foods. I wanted to change that so doing the program broke my cravings.

I felt more energized and no afternoon slump.

I found all the juices to taste great, easy to and very satisfying.

The best part was no shopping for loads of ingredients and no meal prep.

I would thoroughly recommend it.

Kirsten P

Lovely Natural Juices That You Know Are Giving Your Body What It Needs & A Simple Plan To Follow For The Process!

After months of overeating and drinking I needed a reset. The Juice Kick Start Program was a great way to do it.

Lovely natural juices that you know are giving your body what it needs, and a simple plan to follow for the process!

George K

It’s Ideal for All Ages & I Will Recommend to Others Wanting & Willing to Make a Positive Change in Their Lives!

When I heard about the Juice Kick Start Program I signed up immediately.

I’ve tried the 5:2 diet in the past with limited success but having the juice as almost a reward during the day made a massive difference.

I found it simple, quick and convenient.

My motivation was not only to lose weight but mentally get myself prepared to implement a new group fitness class into my busy lifestyle. I went to my first fitness session this morning in four years and feel like a climbed a mental mountain – and it wasn’t too bad after all.

I’m now thinking of how I can incorporate the juice into my general routine moving forward.

This is a great simple idea and one that made total sense to me.

It’s ideal for all ages and I will recommend to others wanting and willing to make a positive change in their lives!

Simon L

It Was Great Doing the Juice Kick Start Program With A Group Of Friends To Support Each Other Too!

I took part in the Juice Kick Start Program to give my digestive system a break.

It was difficult the first day, however the juices were really yum!

It was good to see stomach bloating go down.

It was great doing it with a group of friends to support each other too.

Sera K

I’ve Lost 3.5 kgs & I’m Stoked To Be Fuelling Myself With Quality Nutrition Again!

Before the Juice Kick Start Program I had fallen off the health & fitness wagon, I was feeling tired, sluggish, I had no energy & my nutritional choices were less than ideal.

Having now completed the program I’ve lost 3.5 kgs & I feel so much lighter physically & mentally.

I’ve re-joined the gym & already I feel stronger & fitter & I’m excited to be feeling  a lot cleaner.

Thank you Juice – I  feel great.

Leon W

I’m So Proud of Completing the Juice Kick Start Program & Feel Like a New Version of My Old Self!

It was a tough journey, mentally more than anything else.

I’m so proud of completing the Juice Kick Start Program however and feel like a new version of my old self.

Juice Kick Start is exactly as it suggests, a kick start to better habits.

Kristen W

I Would Highly Recommend the Juice Kick Start Program to Anyone Wanting to Improve Their Quality of Life & Physical, Mental & Emotional Health!

I realized that due to Covid and Working From Home  my health was not in a place where I wanted it to be.

I was exercising a lot but not eating well and certainly drinking too much alcohol and coffee which resulted in poor sleep, feeling sluggish, slow transit time and my acuity was very low.

I usually do a 3 month detox each year (no caffeine, alcohol or processed foods) but have missed this for the last 2 years and could actually feel my body asking me to ¨give it a break¨.

The Juice Kick Start Program was the perfect way to start a health kick and even after 3 days I have noticed all the aforementioned areas of concern were somewhat improved but the biggest improvement was in my sleep quality.

I have trouble staying asleep and it isn’t unusual that I wake up at 2am and literally cant get back to sleep so I get up. For the 3 days of the program – I slept for 6 hours + and woke up feeling fantastic.

The juices are delicious and clearly nutritious as I could taste the individual fruits and vegetable in each juice.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and physical, mental and emotional health.

Mary G

I lost 4 Kilos & 2% Body Fat & I’m Bouncing Out of My Skin!

Before the Juice Kick Start Program I was feeling lethargic and didn’t have my normally high energy levels

But after only a few days of the program my energy levels are back, my strength is up and I am bouncing out of my skin

I lost 4kgs and 2% body fat and am feeling great – not to mention my wife has lost 2kgs on the program as well.

I highly recommend the Juice Kick Start Program to anyone looking to reset or kick start their health and fitness regime.

Jules L

I Lost 2kg & Feel Lighter Especially Around My Stomach, I Don’t Feel Bloated Any More, My Mind Is Clear & I Definitely Have More Energy!

After Covid19 I really felt like my system could do with a reboot, I had been eating and drinking a little more than normal and felt like the Juice Kick Start Program could shift those bad habits.

I have never done anything like this before and really didn’t know if I could as I love my food and had never believed that juice fasting was right for me.

Well I did it and it felt really really good for two reasons, I was proud of myself for getting through it and I felt fabulous.

I lost 2kg and feel lighter especially around my stomach. I don’t feel bloated any more, my mind is clear and I definitely have more energy.

I will do the Juice Kick Start Program again very soon.

Jenny D

I Just Feel So Much Lighter, Less Bloated & Cleaner!

Through the lockdown period of Covid-19 I found I had put on weight and was feeling really sluggish in general.

I believe this was largely due to lack of regular exercise with my gym being closed and also eating more bread and drinking more coffee and wine during this time.

I felt like I really needed to reset my eating habits to help me lose the weight I had gained and get back on track with a healthier lifestyle.

So when a friend mentioned that she was starting the Juice Kick Start Program it sounded like the perfect way to give my body a break and a boost!

Having now completed the program, as challenging as it was at times to not eat (especially with a busy young family to cook for), I really feel so much better for giving my digestive system a rest.

Overall I just feel so much lighter, less bloated and cleaner.

I think the key thing I’ll take away from this experience is how the food I eat can affect my energy levels at different times of the day, for example eating a big meal before bedtime really disturbs my sleep.

I also replaced my morning cup of black tea and sugar with hot water and lemon and I’ve continued with this routine which is a great way to start the day.

I find that I’m not so quick to snack on bread and biscuits, instead I’m craving more plant based foods now.

I definitely think I’ll try to give my digestive system a break, as is offered in the Juice Kick Start Program, more often in the future.

Annaliese H

I felt So Good On Day 4 – Clear Headed & Energetic!

I chose to do the Juice Kick Start Program to reboot my system after a few crazy months of picking up weight.

Life is pretty busy so I leapt at the chance to try the Kick Start Program to get me on track to a cleaner way of eating again.

The Juice Kick Start Program was great as it was easy to follow and you can have it on the go.

I felt so good on Day 4 – Clear headed and energetic!

Nols L

I Felt So Good After 3 Days of the Juice Kick Start Program I Extended it to 7!

Before the Juice Kick Start Program I’d been feeling sluggish & way off my usually high energy levels, but after only one day my energy levels are through the roof, my moods are far more stable (and positive) & my stomach is thanking me for giving it a rest with none of the usual gas or bloating.

By the end of the program I’ve lost a significant amount of body fat, my skin is clearer, less oily & I am sleeping a lot better.

I now crave clean, lean & natural foods – I’ve found the amazing benefits are just too good to ignore & I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!

Andrew M

I Felt an Immediate Difference after Just One Day of Starting the Juice Kick Start Program & Loved the Mental Clarity & Higher Energy Levels that came with it!

I had just been away for a trip where I was eating very processed foods for 3 days straight and my body was feeling it.

I was really excited to start the Juice Kick Start Program to detox my insides and reset my intentions and focus with my eating.

I wanted better energy levels and to cleanse my body after it was attacked with nasty foods.

I felt an immediate difference after just one day of starting the Juice Kick Start Program and loved the mental clarity and higher energy levels that came with it.

It’s helped me be more disciplined with my eating following the program as I was able to do the 3 days with the Juice and just a few small salads which helped me reassess how much food my body needs and how to manage better nutrient intake.

Thanks Juice 😊

Jaimie P

I Did Not Feel Hungry At All & Managed To Drop 3kgs Which I’m Thrilled About!

Thank you for your beautiful juices and your simple 3 day challenge.

I did not feel hungry at all and managed to drop 3kgs which I’m thrilled about.

This is a great program to kick start your health habits. Well done!

Melanie C

The Juice Kick Start Coaching process recognizes that we are also profoundly influenced by our thoughts, feelings & emotions, to the extent that when our mental, emotional & spiritual elements are working in harmony, the physical aspect of our selves will perform more efficiently & effectively & provide us with greater results than if we’d concentrated on our physical aspect alone.

We find that when our clients address the underlying cause of their dissatisfaction, their physical bodies responded with a lot less effort & they began to see amazing results in all areas of their lives.

The Juice Kick Start Coaching process engages a number of very simple, natural & incredibly powerful techniques to eliminate aches, pains, injuries, illness & limiting beliefs so that you can begin to resonate with the ideal health, wealth, relationships, career and/or business that you desire.

​Whether it’s a one off or longer term program you are looking for, we’re here to kick start and / or support you throughout your journey.

If you resonate with what we mentioned above then we encourage you to book in for your initial Health and Wellbeing Consultation HERE

During the session(s) you’ll be guided within yourself to:

  • Identify the real cause of the symptoms you are experiencing in your physical body & physical environment
  • Remove or drastically reduce them

and then together, we’ll come up with an action plan to:

  • Eliminate anything else that is stopping you from living your ideal life and then…
  • Identify the best possible solution(s) for you to achieve the ideal body, life and/or business moving forward – and that’s 100% specific to you!

All sessions are performed on the Phone, Zoom or Skype meaning you can be based anywhere in the world.

Alternatively if you have a few questions, or you’d like to discuss your situation or your goals sooner then email or contact us on 0414 676 968.

We look forward to supporting you and your goals very soon.